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Halloween Jack: An Au Pair Love Story – My Au Pair and Me

Meet Halloween Jack

Halloween Jack is a fun-loving guy who recently immigrated to the US from China. He was hanging out at Costco when we met him. Somehow he just stood out from the crowd. I’m not really sure why, but there was something about him…my 6-year-old daughter just couldn’t resist.

My six-year-old finds Jack the skeleton at Costco

“Please, Mom? Bea needs a new boyfriend and he is so cute!”

First Trip to Costco

6-year-old: “Please mom, he is so cool! Look at his eyes! Can I have him?”

Me: “He is super cool, but we don’t need more Halloween stuff. Put it back, please.”

Second Trip to Costco

6-year-old: “Mom, my giant inflatable dragon needs a friend can we please bring him home?”

Me: “No, your giant inflatable dragon already has a small inflatable dragon friend. Come on, let’s go.”

Third Trip to Costco

By the third trip to Costco, she figured out exactly what to say.

6-year-old: “Please Mom, Bea needs a new boyfriend and he is so cute!”

I figured that if my 6-year-old couldn’t resist Jack, neither could my au pair, Bea. And it was about time she met someone of quality here in the US.

So into the cart he went with my toilet paper, vegetables, and the thousand other things I didn’t need.

(If you’ve ever shopped at Costco you know exactly what I mean. Where else can you go for eggs and end up buying a giant TV, a pack of 24 fresh-baked croissants, a case of motor oil, a 4-pound bag of shredded cheese, a box of 48 granola bars, and a leather jacket?)

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The Back Story

In case you are not familiar, an au pair is kind of like a foreign exchange nanny. Host families provide room, board, and a small weekly stipend. In exchange, au pairs provide up to 45 hours per week of child care and child related chores. It can be a pretty sweet deal for both sides if you get along well.

What is an au Pair?

We have hosted au pairs since my daughter was 4 months old. Over the years we have learned that it is really difficult for our au pairs to find men who want more than just a good time. Maybe it’s their exciting foreign accents. Or maybe it’s that au pair visas only last a year so long term commitment is not on their minds. I suspect it is also partly to do with using Tinder. Either way, breakups are common for our au pairs. And my 6 year old has picked up on this trend.

Our current au pair, Bea, had just been through a series of bad dates after a tearful breakup. Bea had swarn off American men and Tinder (thank goodness!). When my 6 year old found Jack, I thought she might be on to something. Sure Jack is a little creepy at first, but once you get to know him he is a pretty great guy. He is low maintenance, clean, and quiet. He is also not from America and not on Tinder.

The Introduction

Jack settles right in

Jack settles right in

Jack cleans up after his long journey

Jack cleans up after his journey

Once we got home we gave Jack some time to unpack his box and stretch his legs.

He settled right in. Jack was even polite enough to turn on the fan and clean the toilet when he was done.

Feeling a little dusty from his long journey from China, he took the opportunity to relax in the jacuzzi tub. Who doesn’t enjoy playing Viking ducks versus Pirates now and then?

Later, when Bea came home after an evening with her friends, Jack greeted her with a smile.

Let’s just say it was not love at first sight.

Bea throws in the towel

Bea throws in the towel

Persistence is key

Jack waited and waited for a second chance to talk to Bea. He even tried on a new hat hoping it would make him more presentable.

Halloween Jack is on the lookout for Bea

  Jack on the lookout for Bea

Jack waits patiently for Bea on the porch

Jack waits patiently for Bea

Finally, Bea agreed to a date!

Please, Bea. Give me a second chance!

Please, Bea. Give me a second chance!

Bea and Jack head out on their first date

Bea and Jack head out on their first date

Jack and Bea started their date off at the theater for a special screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Next, they headed to Tony Roma’s to split a rack of legendary ribs. They both had a great time and agreed to go out again.

Romance Blossoms

Bicycle built for two

Jack Laundry

Jack Helps Bea with the laundry

It turns out that Halloween Jack is a hopeless romantic.

Over the next few weeks Bea and Jack started spending more and more time together. They explored town by bicycle and hung out at sidewalk cafes.

Jack became a regular member of the family. He visited the pumpkin patch with us and started helping out around the house. Even mundane tasks become tolerable when Jack and Bea did them together.

Jack danced with Bea. Spinning and swaying to the sounds of his favorite band, The Killers.

The more time they spent together the more Bea started to love his creepy stare.

Jack and Bea dancing in the street

Jack and Bea dancing in the driveway

Starring into each others eyes

Jack reads poetry to Bea by the fire

As the days got shorter and the weather turn chilly, Jack and Bea headed indoors. A glass of wine by the fire is the perfect way to enjoy classic poetry.

Happily Ever After

Eventhough things are not always perfect, Jack and Bea make it work.

Jack is not an approved baby sitter

Jack is not an approved baby sitter

No dear, those pants don’t make you look fat. Your fat makes you look fat.

Jack gives the dog a bone

And we are so pleased that Jack and Bea have both decided to join our family!

Bea says yes

Bea says yes!

The lovely couple

The lovely couple

Wishing you a happy Halloween

Follow the adventures of Halloween Jack

Like Halloween Jack? Curious what he will be up to next?

You can follow his adventures on Facebook at My Au Pair and Me or pick up a Halloween Jack of your own. We would love to see what your Jack will be up to next.

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